Up Here Arcade 2016

Call for Games!

Sudbury (and everywhere else) gamedevs!

We're hosting an arcade at Up Here 2016 (Aug 11-14) and we want your interactive weird stuff. All local submissions will be accepted, from janky experiments on up. Confirm your participation by June 30th! Please share around, submit, and help us build independent game culture in Northern Ontario. Thanks to Sudbury Game Design Challenge (Mike), Laurentian Math and Computer Science / Mathématiques à Laurentienne Game Design Program (Aaron), and Up Here (everyone) for the support!

Let me know if you'd like to get involved!

Thesis Completed

The masters degree is finally done!

It took 5 long years, but the document is complete and the defence was successful. Here's to the next chapter.

Read the document here.

Review the defence presentation here.

Website Launched

It's here! I have finally become a brand.

Version 1.0:

Right now you're in the section called 'noosphere', which is the name for the place recent updates and announcements will go in a format similar to this. The other main section you probably came from is the 'cerebrum', and that's the glorified resume.

+ mobile support
+ 'related area' navigation
+ noosphere archive
+ trippy things?? Easter eggs??

Let me know if you find any bugs or you have any suggestions.

See you soon!